Robert A. K. Gonyo

I act, and create live sound effects, in the stage version of Tara Gadomski’s brilliant play “The Offering.”

When artists and poets are “The One Percent” and control the distribution of words, how can a poor banker who tell a girl what he really feels for her?

The Offering by Tara Gadomski, originally written for Co-Op Theatre East‘s “Radio COTE” series, is being presented in a stage version at the Network One Act Festival on January 28th at 6 PM and February 1st at 8:30 PM. More shows could follow…

Tickets available at The Network’s website. You can also RSVP on Facebook.

Directed by Illana Stein
Starring Alex Alcheh (member AEA), Jennifer Tsay, Anni Rebecca Weisband, and Robert A. K. Gonyo