Robert A. K. Gonyo

Naked Holidays 2013, by End Times Productions

I’m in the Naked Holidays band again this year. I don’t get naked. But they do.

Once I again, I join the talented ensemble of Naked Holidays as a musician (on trumpet, mandolin, and a bit of guitar & bass).

To answer the first question I always get about Naked Holidays: yes, people get naked in it. To answer the second question I always get about Naked Holidays: no, I am not one of them.

The show is a blast each year, it always gets great reviews, and to be very honest: it’s quite good. This is genuinely something I would recommend to anyone (anyone over the age of 17, at least), and not just because I’m involved with it.

This year, we’re at The Cutting Room (a really great cabaret space in midtown), so you can drink thru the show (it’s encouraged, and a lot of fun). It’s just the right amount of bawdy, clever, funny, naughty, smart, and artistic. Don’t just take my word for it — our first review hit a couple days ago, and Time Out NY was pretty stoked about it, too (we had almost a full page preview).

Tickets are available here; if you want to come, I’d suggest a group (it’s cabaret seating, and it’s so much more fun to take over a table with your friends, no?). And I’d also suggest getting tickets in advance by using the code “GONYO50,” because you’ll get half-off tickets. Boom.